Serenity Ailes x Model

Serenity, she was always told of her imperfections and why she should not model. They told her she wasn’t tall enough, her skin wasn’t smooth enough, and her shape was not good enough. She grind and grind and now her imperfections is what makes her perfect. She has made herself a brand, and now a feature model.

Moving back and forth from Atlanta to Baltimore all my life because of her parent’s separation. She didn’t stay in schools long, always try to find an identity. After school she became a Firefighter/Emt fresh, and went to College, and worked multiple jobs. Until the birth of her daughter, now she is a mother. She has a identity.

She want to show her to not give up on her dreams and hustle hard until you get it. You cannot give up, and what you want will not fall in your lap, you have it take it.

She always had a caring heart, and gave her last to her loved ones. Always showing her loyalty and support for their dreams, and now it is her turn, and rightfully so. Now she is back in Atlanta tearing up the city.

Good Luck and keep it up from 912music

Cashapp@$erenity18, Snapchat@SerenityStarr, IG@Mz$erenity18, Facebook@Serenity Ailes,

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