With all of the nudity. About time there was a model that takes pride in having clothes one. She has a slogan16118449_10210353998353585_716551927_n #beautydoesntmeannaked… We are doing this article on her, because it takes a lot to go against the grain. She has chosen to weather the storm. The storm of the weight of all women. When everything say do it this way she has chosen to do it the moral and ethical way. That way is always the right way. She is pulling it off with flying colors.16128847_10210353998033577_2038036681_n She has her own lane of beauty and she is glowing with beauty. She is from Charlottesville Virginia, but she currently live in Burlington New Jersey. She is not the standard size of today’s model, but you would not be able to tell by looking at her.16128193_10210353998633592_920113250_n She is built like today’s model. The only way you can tell that she is not the standard size model you would literally have to pick her up, because she does not look it. She is inspired by her son, her only born child. He means the world to her and is her world.

16118419_10210353996953550_722936753_nSee more of her on social media

FB@aspen.stevenson.54? FB@loveaspen _IG@loveaspen_ SnapChat@love.aspen

P.S. Thank you Loveaspen for weathering the storm. We at 912music hope you like this one pager we put together for you as much as we appreciate what you do and your approach.



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  1. Omgg i wanna thank you for beleiving in me and my brand i salute you and the company as well…now lets work

  2. Damn @loveaspen is beautiful

  3. I am truly blessed to have such a beautiful, kind, funny and lovable step daughter LoveAspen. She stands behind het ground and that is what makes her special. She’s right beauty does not mean naked, show em momma. #LoveAspen is beautiful all the way around just being who she is. 🙂

  4. Jackie Stevenson January 18, 2017 @ 12:42 am

    This is my daughter and I have watched her dream of the day she would reach her star….. I love my daughter more than words can say and I am proud of the woman and mother she has become in this hard world. Now my gift is to share her with the world…… Love her as she deserves……

  5. Always beautiful!!! Keep up the good work!

  6. I love your music

  7. love it!


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